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Boston Tea Party

image1357134421.jpgHere's my friend William.

Met up for lunch in the garden of The Boston Tea Party in Bristol.

My Home From Home

image168896328.jpgThis is where I spend my Tuesday and Thursday evenings doing Johrei, a Japanese holistic way of healing and living.

In the photo is Liz, Yuichi (visiting from London) and Ryoko.

St Werburghs Arts Trail

image1099287099.jpgThis Sunday is the St Werburghs Arts trail, which I'm visiting with friends.

First stop is the Better Food Company for lunch. Here is my friend Ryoko having coffee in front of some photography by Harry McPhillimy.

For more photos of the event see the gallery.

山月 Ikebana Workshop

image1855291274.jpgThe photo was from an ikebana (Japanese flower arangement) workshop that I went to last weekend and was taken with my phone.

It was a very enjoyable event and I hope to do more workshops in the future.

This is my post and is basically to try out photo-blogging with the phone, which I also hope to do much more of.