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Burrington Combe


Went for a walk around Burrington Combe in the Mendips at the weekend.

The windchill on the hill tops froze the dew on the plants making ice crystals form on the lee side of the branches.

Beautiful Wreckage

image2111201910.jpgWhile walking around Pill near Bristol this morning I came across this wreckage of a boat lying on the mud banks.

It seems quite sad to see something neglected and abandoned like that, but it still has a beauty to it.


image1092302850.jpgUnfortunately I'm not in Japan to enjoy the momiji, but just around the corner from my house there are still some beautifully coloured maples.

It may not be on the same scale as the maples in Japan, but they are beautiful all the same.

Orange Chilli

image1284314944.jpgOne of my chillies has just ripened to a beautiful orange colour.

My Tomatoes

image1572728945.jpgYes, these are my home grown tomatoes. I'm quite exited about growing food, but lack a garden.

These tomatoes are growing happily indoors in a pot by the patio door. I'm also growing chillies. They taste really rather good too.