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Flowers by the River

image394780437.jpgNear my office there is a river. The banks sometimes look more like a dumping ground, but it's somewhere to walk to at lunchime for some quiet reflection.

To the Zoo

image708777528.jpgGo directly to the Zoo. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.

The Joys of Spring

image445434735.jpgIt just goes to show how long it's been since my last blog post that I'm posting about an entirely different season, but there you go.

Spring is is most definitely here. The blossom is out and so is the sun. The birds are singing. And me? I'm feeling very happy at the moment. The world is full of posibilities :-)

Winter Wonderland

image988531506.jpgThis is the view from my front room this morning.

Pity I have to go to work instead of being able to stay at home and make snowmen. Ho hum. At least I get a nice view while I'm drinking my coffee.

My Morning Coffee

image1031034409.jpgHappy New Year everyone :-)

At home I have a nice Electra espresso machine so part of my morning ritual is to make myself a coffee. I usually just drink espresso since I don't often have milk in the house, but this morning I did so had a breakfast cappuccino.